About Us

Over a period of more than four decades, the Bin Dasmal Group has been expanding its market reach and developing its overall corporate values.

Group Profile

Long-term decisions are made at Bin Dasmal Group to create sustainable growth through diversifying our businesses, expanding our market reach and maintaining a clear focus on core strengths.

Previously, the Bin Dasmal Group was a contracting and trading company based in Dubai. Today the Group has a direct presence in the GCC region, including UAE, Oman, KSA and Qatar. Moreover, manufacturing, trading, contracting and servicing operational activities are conducted to provide its broad range of customers with leading products and services available in the market.

Most importantly, healthy relationships with local and international partners, as well as a productive working culture with employees and stakeholders are where our core strengths and values lie. This is the primary asset that we aim to maintain and develop further through continued investments in branding and marketing, human resources, information technology and research and development to remain a competitive conglomerate overall.