About Ekthaar

“ekthaar” is Bin Dasmal Group’s own newly formed Indoor vertical farming container model manufacturing unit inaugurated in December 2022 and was established in line with the execution of the latest international green building standards and regulations.

This business vertical is created to address the need of the hour utilizing the group’s strength of strong access to MEP and Civil projects to make a difference positively by addressing the challenges of regional food shortages and insecurity by implementing the 3R concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle to effectively contribute to the agricultural sector responsibly.

“ekthaar” envisions in the longer term to solve broader problems such as regional food shortages by locally growing and harvesting fresh produce with greater nutrition and easier accessibility in any given space that is unused and available anywhere while protecting the environment at the same time for future generations by growing more with usage of less soil and water. “ekthaar” offers fresh produce all through the year by using only 5% of the actual soil and water while being able to save 25-30% of the total construction cost by reusing construction waste materials and as a result becoming a commercially viable solution for tackling the region’s food security issues.

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