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A range of material lifting equipment is used today in the construction, engineering, and other fields. All of this equipments are also certified for their reliability and quality. Adherence to the best manufacturing practices ensures that the material has the best of safety and security.

With the advancement in manufacturing technology, a number of new equipment have been developed. These new lifting tools have an abysmal range of features and offer exceptional safety. The new equipments are much safer for the employees as well, who are at work and have to use these equipments daily or more often.

Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment are most often used for transporting materials and workers across different vertical heights. Many of the construction works require materials to be raised at multiple levels. Lifting equipment is also used for lowering and of loads. The accessories that are used in the process are also called as lifting equipment as well. These include all the support attachments, anchoring and fixing usable items.

Some of the lifting equipment that are popular today, and have wide applications in construction, engineering, health care and other projects include:

Patient hoists

● Overhead cranes and the runaways that support them
● Lifts of motor vehicles
● The tail lifts of vehicles that are fitted with vehicles and cranes
● The building-cleaning cradles and their suspension equipment
● Passenger and good lifts
● Forklifts and telehandlers
● The other lifting accessories

Lifting accessories can be used for attaching any kind of load to the lifting equipment. They are hence a kind of linkage equipment. They are also accounted for when the net load weight is to be calculated.

Some of the material lifting equipment accessories that are in use today are:

● Single and multiple leg chains
● Rope and fiber slings
● Eyebolts
● Hooks
● The spreader beams
● The vacuum and the magnetic devices


A load that is attached to any lifting equipment can be in the form of people, materials or animals. A combination of any of the three can also be attached simultaneously or at a time.The material loads are often equipped with the attachment points. Thesepoints may be semi-permanent or permanent. They are also calculated as the part of the whole load and are used for attaching the material to the material handling equipment.

Some of the loads that are attached to the lifting equipment include the loose and bulk materials, bags, sacks, pallets, still-ages, machinery and lugs among others.

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