Benefits of hiring a general trading company

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Bin Dasmal Group has been operating in business at a global level. We are a group of companies dealing in manufacturing, trading, contracting and servicing operations & offer best quality products at a competitive price. We are known for giving best possible engineering solutions to our customers in various sectors.

We currently represent several US and European brands in the region and continue to support the region’s development and infrastructure in several economies. We offer various products manufactured by many known brands in the world as well as provide high-end products of various brands, which are known across the globe.

We are well versed in different types of trading such as:

  • Focuses on HVAC/R products, plumbing products, doors and automation and lifting accessories.
  • Trade in insulation material; provide installation and maintenance of air-conditioning equipment.
  • Manufacture and supply of ducts; and assemble and supply air-handling units.
  • Supply lifting equipment and accessories.
  • Supply, install and assemble commercial and industrial doors

Advantages of General Trading Companies:

  • Experience and infrastructure: Established trading companies offer an all-inclusive approach to purchasing products and able to get you the products you need, and also be able to easily handle the logistics of delivering those products to your market.
  • Accountability: It is one of the most important aspects for trading companies. We are one of the established trading companies have huge enterprises and our accountability is highly visible. Binding agreements with trading companies ensures that these are legally enforceable.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility on these points is another vital factor for trading companies. Our relationships with the clients and our streamlined operations, trading companies can often work with you to reach a favorable buying agreement.
  • Technical knowledge: Another major benefit is the technical expertise we have and gives you a far superior level of technical knowledge of the products they offer. When you encounter quality issues, our trading company will be able to trace the cause of the defect back through the manufacturing process and offer quality solutions.

We are focused on providing high quality services & products that aims to fulfill our client’s requirement while sharing our success with our employees and business partners.  We are well-versed in all aspects and provide an extensive product range with strong technical know-how.


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