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Air conditioning systems are now on a high demand due to increasing industrial projects. Nowadays, it is compulsory for various industrial sectors to use air conditioning system in order to get a favorable atmosphere for heavy machinery and equipment. An air conditioning system is comprised of various equipment and all this equipment together enhance the efficiency of the overall system.

As the industrial sector is growing rapidly over Middle East countries, the demand for air conditioning products and accessories are also increasing. Nowadays, it is obvious to see the use of air conditioning system in different sectors. Bin Dasmal Group is considered as the leading air conditioning equipment suppliers in UAE. It has been providing high quality air conditioning equipment, products and a wide variety of accessories to its clients since a long time. Its products are highly appreciated by the clients from different sectors.

It Mainly Represents Air Conditioning Products and accessories of the Leading Brands Like: –

Foster :

It mainly offers sealants, adhesives, and coatings for enhancing flexible sealants, duct sealants, and rubber insulation. All these are supplied to fulfill the requirements of air conditioning system. All the products from Foster meet safety standards like Estidama regulation.

Aeroflex :

It is one of the leading brands of various heating, ventilation and air conditioning accessories like vibration rubber pads, tapes, flanges, pipe hangers, etc. Apart from these, it is also popular for providing excellent thermal insulation. Aeroflex also manufactures important accessories like Escotape, protape, aerotape, aeroseal glue, sheet and duct insulation, rubber thermal pipes, etc.


This Bahrain-based company is one of the leading aluminum rolling industries. It provides excellent aluminum sheets which are used in various works like chilled water piping system and ducting processes. It manufactures aluminium both coils and sheets.


It provides a high-quality service related to aluminum roll jacketing. This jacketing of aluminum rolls is highly necessary for water vessels, tanks, and pipes. But it should be kept in mind that the diameter of the container should not exceed 8 ft. Ultrolon and Muffl Jac are some of the examples of aluminum roll jacketing.

Innerfix :

These mainly deal with copper tubes, and coils and all its products meet ASTM B 280 standards. It has been providing high quality copper fittings and accessories for more than 25 years.

Apart from these air conditioning products and accessories, Bin Dasmal Group, being one of the best air conditioning equipment suppliers in UAE, also represents a wide range of air conditioning equipment varying from condensing units, ventilation units, air handling units, roof top packaged unit, ecology units and ducted split air conditioners. All these equipments are manufactured by Trosten Industries, a part of Bin Dasmal Group and have gained high popularity in the UAE region, which is why Trosten is known as one of the best AC equipment manufacturers in The Middle east region. Thus, for every air conditioning system need, Bin Dasmal Group has an appropriate solution.

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