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The demands for the lifting equipment are increasing rapidly across all over the world. Different sectors like shipping, construction, industrial as well as commercial sectors have appreciated the importance of lifting equipment for an efficient productivity of the works.To supply different varieties of lifting equipment across all over the world, the Bin Dasmal Group has established a business service with the supply of lifting equipment.

It provides high–quality lifting equipment services in the Middle East countries and other parts of the world. To avail the best quality lifting equipment services for the clients, Dutest a part of Bin Dasmal Group deals with the top manufacturers of lifting products such as Tiger Lifting, Yoke, Brunton Wolf, Crosby, Dillon, DSR, Gripton, Manho rope and wire, etc.
All these companies are the leading manufacturers of every kind of equipment needed in the lifting industries. All the products are manufactured according to the desired ASME standards to ensure 100% safety and reliability. Some of the important products which are represented by Bin Dasmal Group and are in high use in the lifting industries are:-


These products are used to lift the load. These slings are attached to the load with proper safety. According to different types of applications and raw materials, these slings are divided into different categories like Chain slings and fittings, wire rope slings and fittings, and webbing slings and Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group is considered as one of the leading manufacturer of slings in Dubai.


These are u-shaped metals which are used to secure the application of slings with the help of a nut or pins. Some commonly used shackles are Screw pin Bow shackle, Screw pin D shackle, Nut and Bolt shackle, Nut and Bolt D shackle, etc.

Lifting Gear or Hoists

These are the main accessories which are needed to lift the loads either with the help of technology or manually through hand driven methods. Some of the important lifting gear includes pulling Hoist, Geared trolley, vertical and beam clamps, chain blocks, lever blocks, snatch blocks, etc.

Force Measuring Equipment

This equipment plays an important role in the lifting industries as these devices measure the overall tension force of the load. According to the force measured, different lifting accessories are selected. Some of the widely-used devices are AP dynamometers, ED crane scale, Force control switches, Quick balance tension meters, etc.

Bin Dasmal Group, being the best supplier of lifting equipment services in the Middle East countries, deals with all these essential accessories related to lifting industries and fulfills all the requirements of the clients.

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