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Lifting equipment is essential in several industrial uses. The quality of all lifting equipment has to be absolutely up notch for the industrial applications. Be it about, lifting hoists, lever blocks, lifting trolleys, slings, webbing slings, clamps or beams, they are essential during the lifting operation.

Bin Dasmal Group can be the most suitable supplier of all these mentioned products. Since they offer the highest quality products and services, most of the lifting equipment employers in UAE prioritize having Bin Dasmal Group products which are manufactured and supplied by one the best renowned company in UAE known as Dutest Industrial.

Lifting Equipment

Whether you are looking for trolleys or trailers to move heavy duty loads to hoists or gantries and winches that will take your heavy products to the heights you want, the Bin Dasmal Group has an extensive range of lifting equipment and accessories from Dutest Industrial to get your job done. The cable rollers, sheer legs, and shackles are all essential components. The cable handling and clamps are must have equipment during the lifting operation. They ease out the trouble of dealing with heavy duty loads, and they are the best solutions to the troubles of managing cables.

Since there are risks during any lifting operation, it is recommended that all the lifting equipment and accessories should be properly inspected before their use. We are a leading lifting equipment inspection company in UAE and hence provide tested products. Also, we do provide inspection services of all the parts associated with lifting operation from our best third party inspection service provider company- Dutest Industrial. They examine all equipment thoroughly and report to the concerned authority when they happen to find any defect or loophole.

This tested and certified lifting equipment are very important and useful in any industry. The use of clamps in lifting operation provides a safe, secure and fixed suspension point for operation. They also provide premium and high-quality ropes and slings for lifting operation. These rope slings have got largest range of applications in the construction and lifting equipment industries. The supplier i.e. Dutest Industrial for all these equipment offer you the most standard, innovative and futuristic solutions against the accidental falls.


Bin Dasmal Group supply all types of lifting Equipment that includes Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Webbing Slings, Round Slings, Black Slings, Chain Blocks, Lever hoists, Load Cells, Safety Harness, Eye Bolts, Beam Clamps and trollies Plate Clamps, Magnets and other equipment from globally leading brands. A complete range of lifting equipment from brands like Tiger Lifting and Wolf-Wire Ropes can be found in their products list. Bin Dasmal Group understands the growing demands of these products in the international market and thus aims to satisfy their costumers by delivering best quality products.

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