Challenges Faced by MEP Contracting Companies in UAE

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MEP contracting companies in UAE are experiencing the effect of constant innovation within the industry of MEP design. Technology is consistently released that streamlines and betters the process and progress of the building construction industry. This leads to decrease in unwanted heat gains and losses. Now more secure and sturdy building envelopes are being created which have a steadily reduced air leakage rate. The age of innovation for the building construction industry also brings about evolving policies and regulations that enforce higher standards of building construction. This new territory comes with its own set of challenges that are more often than not borne by the shoulders of new blood – new engineers, designers and contractors entering into the industry.

MEP contracting companies need to be more meticulous about project budgets. Due to the large number of design options, clients may want to explore them all, but this can be damaging to both client and contractor. Unfortunately the onus of this type of management falls to the MEP sector, as they must ensure that the client is able to see the project through to its completion.

MEP engineers, designers, and contractors alike all need to update themselves on the latest demands and regulations of municipal and civil codes which are occasionally found and are still in their developmental stage. This is essential in today’s competitive market.

BIM, a 3D modeling technology that shows the placement of every pipe, every line, and every part of the building envelope down to its garage doors in UAE, is the perfect example of an innovative technology that can become a challenge for the industry. Although it is still being perfected and its usage is not allocated to all building projects, it is a technology that MEP designers, engineers, and contractors need to learn to work with, as well as integrate it with all the other MEP technology in use today.

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