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When installing any insulation in a specific area, you can go by choosing from various types of insulation methods. UAE suppliers deal in providing all types of plumbing supplies. Especially the products like thermal insulation, fiberglass insulation, PPR, PVC, Copper pipes and CPVC piping system are of great importance for modern industrial requirements.

To select the most suitable type of insulation, you can follow these to determine the right type:

1. Find where you would want to add insulation.
2. Know the recommended R-values for the area where you want to install insulation.

Installing the insulation:

It is essential to determine the maximum thermal performance of the insulation method, for it will help in proper installation.  Most of the insulation method requires installation by professionals, which is why the insulation supplier provides full-fledged services that include the installation services as well.

During the time you hire a professional installer, obtain all cost estimates from the contractors for the required R-value, and ask the contractor about costs and air-sealing services.

Types of insulation materials:

i. Fiberglass Insulation
ii. Mineral or wool Insulation
iii. Plastic fibers Insulation
iv. Natural fibers Insulation

The mineral and foam boards insulation, on the other hand, require experts; you should not try doing them on your own. When selecting the insulation material for your home, always remember to determine the thermal insulation values of the material and know well about the area where you want to install the insulation.

Why prefer fiberglass for home insulation?

Fiberglass insulation is the most preferred choice for insulation because it poses no fire hazard and tends out to be a great source of protection during the fire. Fiberglass can be applied on unfinished walls, which includes foundation walls also.

Fiberglass can be installed on ceilings and floors as well. They are the most common and widely available method of insulation. Bin Dasmal Group is one of the most renowned company who is associated with one of the top Fiberglass insulation suppliers in UAE i.e. Bin Dasmal General Trading; they deal in supplying all types of insulation material, flexible fibers, batts and glass wool.

These are available in various widths, and Bin Dasmal General Trading is an established Fiberglass insulation supplier in UAE which is subsidiary of Bin Dasmal Group. The standard fiberglass blankets usually have a thermal resistance value ranging between R-2.9 to R-3.8; Knauf Insulation can be the most preferred brand for fiberglass insulation within these standard values.


If you choose to install the fiberglass insulation, make sure you purchase the products of renowned brands. Bin Dasmal Group is the well-known supplier of these products from the renowned brands which are associated with Bin Dasmal General Trading. Bin Dasmal Group supplies ISO certified and well-inspected products.


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