What Factors Should Be Considered For Selecting Best MEP Company?

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A contracting company that offers comprehensive MEP services is the best choice when looking at designing a facility. MEP – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing services are the key services for any contracting job.

Before checking factors to search for MEP Company, we should try to understand what these MEP services comprise of.

  • Mechanical – This section includes services of HVAC products like air handling units, fresh air handling units, fan coil units, split & package units, cooling towers, pumps, VRV, ecology units etc. Other services included under this are duct cleaning services, chiller installation and chiller maintenance.
  • Electrical works are very important in any building. nothing runs without electricity. The electrical works comprise of service of electrical units like power generators, LV panels, switch gears, MDB, SMDB, MCC panels, lighting and cabling.
  • Plumbing part comprises of maintenance of water tanks, water pumps, booster pumps, drainage systems, manholes, gully traps, water heaters, drains & gutters, sewage pumps, sump pumps and rainwater drains.
  • Firefighting and fire alarms services include maintenance of fire alarm and detection systems (as per the local authority regulations), maintenance of fire pumps, testing of fire alarm systems etc.

These services are not short term jobs. They need to be done well enough to last as they all form an integral part of any building structure. The maintenance and durability has to be ensured. Any possible causes for damages – small or big, need to be taken care of proactively.

What a client needs to for selecting best MEP Company is the capability to do the job thoroughly in the present and look out for possible causes for concerns in the future. The company should have the capability to handle the financial concerns. It should work with the latest techniques that meet international standards. The teams should follow some standard operating procedures that have international approval.

The MEP companies in Dubai have the capability to handle the projects well in the present and future. They should be able to manage the maintenance of the MEP jobs in addition.

One of the leading MEP companies in Dubai is the Bin Dasmal Contracting, a part of the Bin Dasmal Group. The Company leads civil projects in the UAE with team of civil engineers and technicians with latest techniques.

Bin Dasmal Contracting ensures the use of latest technology, superior customer service and constant accessibility to the team. With its ISO certification, the company is well recognized for its MEP work. The Company also specializes in facilities management and energy management services in the UAE.


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