Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Rated Doors

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An engineering safety mechanism called a fire door compartmentalizes fire and smoke by acting as a barrier when it is closed, preventing the spread of the fire and smoke to other parts of the building. On the other hand, they offer a way of evacuation and provide the firefighters with a secure entrance to a building while they are open. They are a crucial component of a building’s structure that is built with fire-resistant materials designed to control fire and smoke.

Wood doors that have been fire-rated are created to stop fire and smoke from escaping and propagating during an outbreak. Because of a lack of understanding, most people only have a basic grasp of the distinctions between regular doors and wooden doors that are fire-rated. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions regarding wooden fire-rated doors and components before moving on.

1. Do fire-rated doors require regular maintenance?

When fire doors have experienced no outbreak or major damage, they require a maintenance check every six months. In case of any evident damage, it is always recommended to call an expert and get them repaired immediately so that they are safe and functional in the event of a fire accident. During maintenance checks, it is important to focus on the functionality of intumescent strips and the ironmongery including hinges, handles, locks, and latches.

2. Can a fire door withstand heat forever?

A fire door rating indicates how long the door will withstand the fire. There are ratings that allow for up to 120 min of heat resistance, but the minimum rating that must always be found is 30 minutes. Based on the building’s architecture and the daily operations it conducts, fire doors must be installed. However, it’s critical to understand that fire doors are not impervious to failure. A fire door works best when it is kept closed, unharmed, and serviced.

3. Do all fire doors need to automatically close?

All fire doors with better accessibility should have a self-closing mechanism installed. This could be a robotic closer that, after a door has already been manually opened, returns it to its locked position with no further action from the door user, or it could be a device connected to an automatic opening (for instance, doors at hospital entrances that might be intended to close without operator interaction). If a fire-rated door is not self-closing, it should be one that is properly marked as such and is securely sealed shut.

Fire-rated doors are always the best measure for safety and protection against fire and other hazards that are prone to occur in buildings. Properly installing these systems and regular maintenance of the same will help you keep your space and personnel safe from danger. Bin Dasmal Doors, a part of Bin Dasmal Group can assist for any of your queries related to fire-rated doors. Bin Dasmal Doors is the most renowned fire-rated door supplier in UAE and your trusted partner for premium quality doors!

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