A Guide on MEP Project Execution by MEP Service Providing Companies

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The selection of an MEP project team is typically more complicated as compared to architectural and structural engineering trades. In a mechanical, electrical and plumbing project, key players from different fields are involved in the completion of the project. Any MEP contracting company in UAE is always equipped with mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers along with the skillful CAD modelers and technicians. The combined knowledge of all these specialists is integrated to execute an MEP project successfully.

The execution of an MEP project by any MEP contracting company in UAE involves certain steps and phases.

Here are some common steps followed by any MEP team of engineers:

Inquiry phase:

This is the first step that involves the contractor contacting the services providing company and describing the project in brief. Next, the company evaluates the project and reverts back to the customer.

Input by contractors:

In this step, the contractor sends rough sketches and specifications as input to the engineering service providing company. The engineers and technicians specifications, then take a look at these inputs and further discuss the scope of the project with the client.


Once the MEP engineers analyze the specification and fully understand the project, it is finally approved. This approval is then forwarded to the client company.

Project execution:

Finally, the work divided and assigned to the respective team of engineers. For example, tasks related to the HVAC design are allocated to mechanical engineers and electrical and plumbing jobs are allotted to the relevant experts.

Once the engineers finish designing the project, the CAD technicians work on the drafting phase,and then the modelers start their work as soon as they can access the drafting documents. Once the models for the different MEP systems are ready, the coordination process for them is carried out by the company.

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