How 3D Printing Could Change the Face of Duct Manufacturing in UAE

April 14, 2016 10:51 am Published by

It has only been a few years since 3D printing has been utilized to create innovative and life changing breakthroughs in both the medical and scientific communities, along with others. As the technology has become increasingly available and trickled down to the masses, it has become almost an expectation to see other industries following suit and utilizing the significant benefits that 3D printing affords us. The companies performing Duct Manufacturers In UAE are no exception.

A 3D printer works by layering thin “papers” of materials on top of each other to create a tangible and three dimensional objects. The materials used are usually plastic or metal. Today, 3D printing is used to create jewelry, bottles, and furnishings, and is quickly making its way over to more industrial applications. Although the ability to manufacture complete products and supplies with a click of the mouse may still be a few years away for, say, a chain block manufacturer in UAE, the technology has already been coopted to the building industry – there have been breakthrough attempts in using 3D printed layers of special concrete to build foundations and walls.

3D printed manufacturing would change the face of duct manufacturing in UAE, because it would mean doing away with tools like hammers or screws, as well as the significant presence of manual labor in the country. As with any major technological breakthrough, both the benefits and consequences would be enormous. The significant advantage in the industry, in addition to incredible cost efficiency, would be the ability to safely innovate new types of air ducts for new or challenging purposes. One would be able to design, print, and test out multiple designs before finalizing upon the best product for their needs.

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