How Fire Door Manufacturers in UAE Solve Door Penetrations

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Fire rated doors need to be inspected and maintained meticulously in order to prevent fire from entering into spaces that are used to evacuate people during fire emergencies. However, it is common for fire doors to have parts that fail, or damage the door in some way, creating penetrations. Penetrations are considered inevitable for older doors, as all fire rated door manufacturers in UAE will let you know.

Older fire doors require the replacement of worn out parts and hardware. When the automatic closing system of a fire door is replaced, the mounting pattern may not match up with the previous one, which may leave holes in the door. A common standard utilized by door manufacturers in UAE for fixing this problem is for the hole to be fixed with a steel bolt of the appropriate size, or for it to be filled with the same alloy used to build the door itself.

There is however a more innovative way to fix fire door penetrations. You can use a fire stop caulk to fill in these holes as well. Since this is a fairly new method of dealing with penetrations in fire rated doors, one would need to be careful about with brand and make of fire stop caulk is being used. There are only a few that have been appropriately tested and subsequently approved to be used as filler for penetrations in fire rated doors. Another aspect of buy ambien europian delivery fire caulk is that it is usually paintable, which is instrumental in preserving the aesthetic integrity of the fire door.

Door penetrations are a serious but easily fixed problem. Fixing the issue is highly cost effective, since a penetration in a fire damper could end up affecting large portions of a building, and paying for maintenance of a fire door is much cheaper than having to replace one’s HVAC equipment in UAE.

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