How to ensure good quality lifting equipment

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Construction projects require workers to work at heights depending on the projects. Heavy equipment needs to be lifted and lowered in the projects and thus excellent quality lifting equipment is required. This ensures the safety of the people handling and using the lifting equipment or any damage to the property. Any possible injuries can be fatal if timely corrective actions are not taken. Lifting equipment should always be of the highest quality and should be robust, certified, regularly tested and maintained.

The one best way to ensure that the lifting equipment is of good quality is to procure it from a company that is recognized and specialized in manufacturing Lifting Equipment. The company should also ensure inspection & maintenance of the lifting equipment.

The various kind of lifting equipment are given below:

  • Chain slings & fittings
  • Wire rope & wire rope slings
  • Shackles
  • Force measuring equipment
  • Webbing and round slings
  • Vertical lifeline system
  • Horizontal lifeline system
  • Full body harness
  • Fall arrestor blocks
  • Lanyards

Lifting equipment better be procured from leading equipment suppliers in the UAE. To get the lifting equipment from reliable company, one should look out for

  • The ratings and reviews of the company in the market
  • The experience of the company in manufacturing and maintaining lifting equipment
  • Check for main certifications for product and service.
  • Regular inspection & maintenance of the equipment, preferably by the manufacturer, is crucial in ensuring the lifespan and durability of the lifting equipment.
  • It is important that the company has a good team that is high on technical expertise.
  • It should have excellent customer service.

Some important certifications for Lifting Equipment companies includes ISO certification for manufacture, supply and inspection of lifting equipment, LEEA certification, Accreditation by Emirates Accreditation Centre, Certification from Emirates National Accreditation System. All these certifications plays important role in recognizing a reliable lifting equipment manufacturer in the UAE.

Lifting equipment that is regularly serviced, inspected and maintained will work well and safely. Recognized companies will always keep a schedule of maintenance of the lifting equipment and call their clients.

Dutest manufactures heavy lifting equipment and is a leading third party inspection and maintenance company in the UAE. It assures the latest technology in its products and with certifications. The expert team of Dutest always provides prompt services to their clients based on the requirements.


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