How to Keep Conveyors Running Smoothly as a Material Handling Manufacturer in Oman

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Conveyor belts are frequently seen and used at any material handling manufacturer in Oman. They are an essential part of the production and storage processes among others, and therefore it is essential that they be kept in optimum condition so as to ensure their smooth and reliable functioning. Thus, conveyor belts need to be checked for their weaknesses regularly. These ‘weaknesses’ are parts of the conveyor that are essential to its operation. They require regular checking and maintenance, and it is also important to know when to call in trained technicians to do what they do best.

The critical components of a conveyor belt are usually the ones that wear out the soonest, and/or also need more attention from a material handling manufacturer in Oman than other parts.

These are enumerated in the following:

1. Bearings:

Most of the time, bearings wear down for two reasons. One is grease, or lack thereof. Bearings need to be properly lubricated to function properly. The second reason is heat. If the bearing is too hot to touch or even glowing with heat, it needs maintenance and repair.

2. Motor Cover:

This should be regularly turned out for cleaning dirt and small pieces of metal or other scrap materials.

3. Air Compressor:

Machinery runs better in the presence of unpolluted and dry air. If the level of humidity as water vapour or dust in the air is high, it can get into the cogs and motors of the equipment and cause damage or strain.

4. The belt:

A belt conveyor has slotted pieces that help it move smoothly. If dirt and materials get wedged in between, it will stop working smoothly.

5. Magnets:

A magnetic conveyor moves with magnets that move beneath the slider bed. Listen for thumping noises. These indicate a disturbance in the functioning below.

Conveyor belts are used to move everything from pallets and parts to copper pipes in Oman. Maintaining these five parts will ensure that your conveyor belts move smoothly for as long as possible.

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