Importance of High Quality Refrigeration Equipments for Industrial Use

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The invention of refrigeration technology revolutionized the world as it slowed down the rapid multiplication of the harmful bacteria. Its popularity and high demand led manufacturers to fabricate premium quality and environmental friendly refrigeration equipment. Leading refrigeration equipment suppliers avail such superior quality equipment for contractors and customers.

The basic refrigeration cycle applies to all refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This is the method in which refrigerant is stored and circulated through the system in order to take up the unwanted heat and carry it to a different place. Different types of refrigeration equipment put together to form a refrigeration system. Refrigeration system fabricating companies should make sure to get high-quality equipment from the best refrigeration equipment suppliers.

Following is an account of different refrigeration equipment and their functions:

A refrigeration compressor impels the refrigerant through the system. It takes in the refrigerant at a low pressure and temperature and releases it at a higher pressure and temperature. A refrigeration condenser cools down this high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant vapor and as it converts from vapor to liquid form it releases its heat to the fluid flowing through the condenser coil. A metering device is used to meter the flow of the liquid refrigerant flowing at high pressure and temperature from the condenser into the evaporator, to maintain the correct evaporating pressure. In an evaporator, as the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a vapor, it absorbs heat from the air or water and that leads to cooling. Lastly, piping is used to connect all these components, and it is the pipe through which the refrigerant flows and reaches the different equipment.

All these equipment are equally important for the smooth running of the entire system. Hence, it is important that all of them should be of superior quality and compatible with one another.

To fulfill this need for high-quality and efficient equipment, the Bin Dasmal Group, with the help of its subsidiary Bin Dasmal General Trading, supplies some of the best quality products in the air-conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industries. Our line of products includes Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants, Copper Pipes, Thermal Insulation, Condensers, Compressors, PVC, CPVC PPR and pipe fittings and many more. Furthermore, these products are from internationally leading brands such as Aeroflex, Foster, Danfoss, Friga-Bohn, Aplaco, COES, Garmco and more. We are among the preferred refrigeration equipment suppliers in the region who work hard to support the increasing demand of air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industry.


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