Why it is important to install ducts properly?

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Ductwork plays an important role in the operation of the HVAC system. They are an essential aspect helpful in the distribution of airflow throughout the home. Air being pulled in to the air conditioner is pushed back in to the rooms through air ducts. Proper air duct installation leads to healthy indoor air and an energy efficient HVAC system. AC duct installation is an important as well as a challenging step. Adequate planning, poor sealing, proper sizing and proper placement are factors to be considered in air duct installation process.

Proper installation of the ductwork system is necessary to avoid a lot of issues like obstructed airflow and long-term HVAC damage. Proper installation of the system will help to avoid low performances, high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, air leakages etc. It is important to install, seal and insulate the duct systems.

Signs of poorly installed ducts:
• Inconsistent room temperatures.
• Incorrectly sized duct system will obstruct the air flow.
• Improperly installed ducts will be noisy.
• Poorly installed ducts leads to higher energy bills, poor air distribution and reduced performance.

Proper sealing and insulation of the duct systems helps in energy savings and enables the operation of the ductwork in a closed system. Proper inspection of ducting will help to identify gaps and leaks. It is important to identify if all the duct joints and connections are properly sealed with a sealant. HVAC technicians will help in the proper insulation of ducts. Duct cleaning services using special tools will give easy access to inaccessible zones.

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