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Bin Dasmal Group is associated with the leading lifting equipment manufacturer in UAE. It has been dealing with the lifting gears and equipment for a long time. Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group is considered as a top lifting equipment manufacturer and it deals with various international brands such as Dillon, DSR, Gripton, Yoke, Brunton-wolf, Crosby, Tiger-lifting, etc. The lifting equipment manufactured by these popular brands is highly appreciated by the clients from every corner of UAE and other neighboring locations.

Different types of lifting equipment provided by Bin Dasmal Group to its clients are:

Chain slings and fittings:

These are mainly designed to lift high loads. These slings are made up of chains, which have a very short length with a hook at its ends. These chain slings offer a high resistance to cut and temperature related issues. Some of its examples which are preferred in the industry are Chain slings with single leg, chain slings with two legs, chain slings with three legs, chain slings with four legs, Alloy steel chain, Clevis grab hook, Shorten clutch, Swivel self-locking hook, Clevis self-locking hook, clevis hook with safety Latch, connecting link, master link assembly with flat welded, master link with flat welded, etc.

Wire rope slings and fittings:

These are cable wires which are made up of metal and are placed together in the form of a helix. These solid wires can withstand temperature up to 400 degrees. Popular examples include wire rope thimbles, Endless sling grommet, Eye nuts, eyebolts, wire rope clip, steel wire rope sling with three and four legs, steel wire sling with two legs, steel wire with a single leg and a soft eye, etc.


These are mainly U-shaped materials which are attached to the chains or ropes in order to lift heavy loads. The types of equipment which are popularly used in the market include Nut and Bolt D shackle, screw pin D shackle, Nut and Bolt shackle, Screw pin bow shackle, etc.

Force measuring equipment:

This equipment help to measure the load capacity and force intake involved in a lifting activity, and according to that only different lifting gears are used. Some of the popular force measuring equipment are Force control switches, mechanical force gauge, and quick balance tension meters, quick check tension meters, ED crane scale, AP Dynamometers, etc.

Thus Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group, the leading lifting equipment manufacturer in UAE, provides a wide range of lifting equipment and ensures a 100% high-quality service for the clients.

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