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Overview:  Lifting equipment category includes cranes, shackles, puling hoists, webbing slings and fittings, forklifts, force measuring equipment and many more. Lifting equipment comprises of all the lifting gears and accessories that are used for lifting, lowering, and transferring of loads from one place to another without any risk or damage to the property or life.

Dutest is a part of Bin Dasmal Group, known as a leading lifting equipment manufacturer in the UAE and is keen on providing quality and reliable lifting equipment that are durable and robust in performing the desired task of lifting efficiently. Since lifting and lowering are essential parts of a business and can’t be avoided therefore it is highly mandate for all the industries that construct, manufacture and furnish heavy loads on a day to day basis and services like freight, logistics etc. are practiced to have quality lifting equipment that can make the lifting task easier and work environment safer. In order to prevent the product from the damage they are supposed to be handled very carefully with precise and highly professional lifting equipment in order to achieve the maximum safety level for the products.

Lifting equipment provided by Dutest:

Wire rope slings & fittings:  Wire rope slings are lifting equipment with high tensile strength and have superb resistance to corrosion. They are highly flexible and therefore, have gained a high popularity in the market. Considering the safety issues they are related to, this lifting equipment are prepared with best of the technology to prevent any sort of fault or damage in future. Preferred worldwide for various lifting operations, these slings are robust, durable, and have capability to resist extreme environmental changes.

Chain slings & fittings:  Chain slings are available in various sizes and strengths and can meet up to almost every kind of lifting task having variations in chain sizes from 6mm to 22mm and cover numerous lifting applications effectively and efficiently.

High load shackles: Load shackles are designed for lifting and weighing of heavy loads in tough circumstances. They have high tensile strength and can be used for a number of lifting and weighing operations. High load shackles have a very simple construction and are equally simple to use.

Webbing slings: Used to lift heavy loads, webbing slings are made of polyester and have superb flexibility, are light weight and have wide bearing surface that protects the load being lifted.

Dutest is a leading brand in providing excellent lifting equipment and is one of the subsidiaries of Bin Dasmal Group. It is highly reputed and known for manufacturing and supplying of lifting equipment that are of extreme quality and thus always surpass the expectations of their clients.


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