Main Considerations for Buying an Air Handling Unit

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Air handling unit is an integrated part of equipment consisting of fans, filters, heating and cooling coils, air control dampers, heat recovery systems, and silencers. These units are used to condition and circulate the air inside a building or a house.

It is particularly used in combination with heating and cooling systems. These units are bulky and complex and are attached to the ductwork that distributes the conditioned air inside the building and collects exhausted air in return.

Trosten Industries, one of Dubai’s best air handling unit manufacturers and a subsidiary of Bin Dasmal Group fabricates these units with different specifications. For proper installation of an air handling unit in any building, installer must be acquainted with the factors that are mostly considered while setting up these units.

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Following is a discussion of the features of AHUs that should be considered while setting one up:

Size of an AHU:

The very first consideration is the size of the air handling unit. Make sure the purchased unit matches the capacity of the building or place to which the conditioned air will be delivered. A smaller space will require a smaller air handler.

Place of installation:

Another factor to consider is the space available for the installation. Air handling units are mostly installed in a separate mechanical room. But some people prefer to install these units on the rooftop so that they don’t have to compromise any other space. Air handling unit manufacturers design these units in different sizes to fulfill the need of end users.

Type of Application:

Air handling units used in combination with heating systems are way different from the ones used in the cooling and ventilating systems. The difference is due to the heating and cooling elements incorporated in the unit. So, the year-round climatic conditions is yet another concern while choose the air handler. Another option is to sell off the cooling air handlers in summers and heating air controllers in winters.

So one should consider the features mentioned while installing AHU. But what matter most is the quality of the equipment which one should get from the trusted suppliers and Bin Dasmal Group defines the word “trusted.”

We are the reputable suppliers of the Air Handling Units and Double Skin Air Handling Units. Double Skin Air Handling units, have UL Certified filters and these units have AHRI Certified heating and cooling coils. Bin Dasmal Group is renowned as the largest suppliers of the high quality AHU in the UAE.


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