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The rise in demand for the air conditioning units forced the manufacturing companies to design the best quality products, which can enhance the indoor air quality in the industries.To solve the issues of the airflow in the industries, the manufacturers have designed the “Air Handling units.”

Bin Dasmal Group is one of the leading air handling unit suppliers in UAE. It is one the leading business entity in UAE since 1977. From 40 years, this company is producing the excellent quality of air conditioning products and other accessories as per the customer’s demand with the help of its subsidiary Trosten Industries. This company has various collaborations with its brand company-Trosten, which is associated with the air conditioning industry.

Trosten is one of the reputed manufacturing companies, whose air handling units are represented by Bin Dasmal Group. There is a good demand for Trosten’s air handling units in the industrial market as it has arranged the best engineers, contractors, and dealers in its manufacturing unit. The air handling units are maintained as per the requirement of the clients.

These units are basically available in both chilled and direct expansion system, with the capacity range varying from 600CFM to 80000 CFM. The cooling and heating coils are certified by AHRI in accordance with AHRI410-91. The double skin panel configured air handling units are certified by TUV Nord, Germany, and thus proper hygienic environment is maintained in the chambers.

To enhance the performance of the air handling units, the centrifugal fans are inspected and certified as per AMCA 300and AMCA 210standards. Because of efficient centrifugal fans, both air and sound performances are highly improved.The air handling units are also featured withIE2/IE3, TEPC, IP55 degree of protection, best-insulated quality of class F, and the VFD compatible electric motors.

Again, UL certified filters are also equipped with these units, which are capable of holding high dust and maintain low-pressure drops in the system. The air handling units of Bin Dasmal are maintained as per Environment management system, thus only ozone friendly refrigerants like R 404a, R 134a, R 407c, R 410a, R 22, etc. are used in the system.

Being an efficient air handling unit suppliers in UAE, Bin Dasmal Group ensures all the beneficial features in the air handling units. These AHUs are highly valuable to the investments of the clients. Thus, it will be a smart decision to grab the air handling units of Bin Dasmal Group.

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