PVC Pipes – The Best Option for the Plumbing Industry

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In the plumbing industry manufacturers fabricate pipes using materials ranging from copper to plastic and even combinational materials. PVC or Polyvinyl chloride pipes are made from plastic and vinyl and have a number of qualities suitable for a wide range of applications. As a matter of fact, pipes made from PVC are most popularly used in the applications like water transportation.

Bin Dasmal Group, a leading name in the MEP and HVAC industry, is also known as one of the top companies among the PVC pipe suppliers in UAE. Offering an extensive range of PVC pipes and fittings for air-conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industries, the company, Bin Dasmal General Trading is known best for distributing pipes that are perfect for both hot and cold water supply system. Bin Dasmal General trading is a subsidiary company of Bin Dasmal Group who is dealing with globally leading brands and considered as one of the best PVC pipe suppliers in UAE.

Here is a brief account of the various advantages of using PVC as a piping material:

Corrosion Resistance:

PVC pipes are not affected by underground peripheral corrosion as well as corrosion on the inside. While research continues to explore more solutions to corrosion, PVC remains unquestionably resistant to it.

Reduced Blockages in Wastewater Pipelines:

A major issue that commonly arises within plumbing systems is pipe blockages which may cause water to flow slowly. Since the inner lining of PVC pipes is extremely smooth as compared to copper and concrete pipes, water flow and pressure is maintained throughout, and the risks of blockage are reduced.

Durability and Flexibility:

The chemical structure of PVC allows it to endure a large amount of force. They have the capability to withstand a huge load without rupturing. This feature is especially advantageous if you are planning on placing it underground or in a location prone to vibrations.

Lightweight and Easy to Install:

The fact that PVC pipes are lightweight makes them easier to set up. Also, the risks associated with the installation process like someone getting injured is greatly reduced. A lesser number of people or tools are required to lift and hold the piping in place. This also reduces the cost of installation.

Bin Dasmal Group represents all world-class brands in this field such as Aplaco, COES, PIPELIFE and more. As one of the top PVC pipes suppliers in UAE, Bin Dasmal Group make sure to provide PVC pipes of the best quality to its customers in an affordable price range.

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