How to reduce air conditioner power consumption?

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Improper use of your air conditioner and accessories will lead to its inefficiency. It also inadvertently affects its effectiveness and safety. The two basic parts of an air conditioner is the compressors and the condenser units, which works as an outdoor unit. The evaporator of an air conditioning unit is an indoor unit that is located in a central duct. Faulty or less efficient air conditioning units leads to increased power consumption and utility bills. There are some factors that affects the electricity consumption of an air conditioner unit like the indoor and outdoor temperatures, temperature setting of the air conditioner system and the thermal insulation of the room.

While purchasing an air conditioner equipment look out for energy efficient models as they will consume less power. Proper thermostat settings will help you to save the money as it will help you to manage the cooling in an effective way. Proper maintenance of the air conditioning equipment is also needed to manage its energy consumption. When there is water puddling around the AC furnace, the condensate drain tube can get clogged. It can inadvertently affect the power consumption of the air conditioner system.

Proper maintenance of air ducts and vents by insulation is important to control the power consumption. Every Air conditioner equipment and its accessories should be properly and regularly serviced as it can eat up more energy if not properly maintained. Air clogged filters and dust accumulated ducts can make the air conditioning system function inefficiently. Proper maintenance of filters is equally important. Dust and Dirt accumulated inside the air filters can possibly damage your air conditioning unit. It should be cleaned or replaced regularly to reduce the energy consumption

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