Simple Tips When Maintaining Lifting Equipment

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Lifting equipment are the most commonly found heavy machinery in the industrial sectors and storage units, as they comprise of a major part of the day-to-day functioning of the organizations. For ages, the systems and mechanisms of these devices have only improved as the man labour input has largely decreased. Nevertheless, they require proper maintenance to be in prim and proper condition and deliver efficient performance. But that is not as difficult to do as it might sound.

Here are some simple tips to follow for hassle-free maintenance of heavy lifting equipment.

  1. Do not overload: The “it won’t hurt” attitude will not work in case of lifting equipment. Every machinery has its capacity which is stated when you purchase from the authorized lifting equipment companies in UAE. Crossing that to do more work in less time will not only backfire in the form of decreased machine productivity, but it is also highly unsafe.
  1. Do not overwork: Just like overloading, overworking is also fatal to the equipment. Just because it runs on fuel or power does not mean it can keep running for an unspecified time. The machine can heat up and suffer more wear and tear if not rested from time to time.


  1. Check lubrication and fluid levels: Lubrication protects the lifting equipment from frictional wear and tear and also from atmospheric rust. They also have hydraulic and brake fluids which maintain the machinery and keep them in shape. Checking up on these two and maintaining their supply is necessary.


  1. Use the right attachments: Sometimes the accessories used in lifting equipment, like hooks or shackles, come separately. Using the right ones will ensure longevity and better performance.


  1. Check the machines and call for professional help: Make it a habit to check on them at least twice a week to make sure everything is smooth. By doing this, you can prevent a small problem from getting big. The final step will be the inspection, maintenance, and repair, if necessary by the authorized companies from time to time. The inspecting companies offer holistic solutions to issues related to lifting equipment.

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