The Different Applications of Air Conditioning Equipment in UAE

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Different types of HVAC system in UAE are recommended according to the type of usage and environment it is going to be in. According to how the HVAC system is going to be used, certain parameters and factors needs to be taken under consideration. Two of the most commonly prepared parameters are the size of the area that needs to be cooled, and the internal temperature that will be generated in a room during normal usage.

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1. A Window air conditioning unit is the most commonly used and easily recognizable type of HVAC system in UAE. Typically used for single rooms, these air conditioning units are powerful cooling tools and are fitted into open slots in the wall or above a window sill.

2. Split air conditioning units are, essentially, split. They consist of two parts of which only one remains indoors, while the outdoors part contains the bulk of the components that make up a functional AC unit. These are most often used in the case of larger single rooms and offer more by way of minimalistic aesthetic appeal.

3. Central air conditioning equipment in UAE is growing more popular in residential and commercial buildings as well as large houses. This is in fact a much cheaper alternative to the installation of smaller individual units for every room as used to be the norm. Central air conditioning is essential for large halls and indoor spaces such as shopping centers.

These are the most commonly seen types of HVAC equipment in UAE and the larger region, and are essential in establishing a certain quality of life for the citizens and residents of the country.

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