The Different HVAC Ductwork Types

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The HVAC or Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning units use a range of ducts that are designed according to the customer needs. The GI duct manufacturers use the most modern technologies and modern machines to create a range of GI ducts.

The products of the category include:


Ducts are employed in the heating, ventilation, and the air-conditioning systems so that they can supply air and provide a transit route for the returning air. They also remove the exhaust-air of the system and maintain the freshness of it. The hot and dipped galvanized steel is used to manufacture the rectangular GI duct, which is fabricated from the material.

Spiral Ducts

The ducts are made by using the high-quality GI sheets and some of the leading manufacturers of steel create and provide this high-grade steel for ducting purposes. GI sheets are quite rigid, and the spiral ducts themselves are quite attractive in looks. As they have a better aesthetic appeal, they are often preferred by the architects. These ducts are often finished so that they blend seamlessly with the interior décor, and AC ducting companies use them for their superior looks. Probably in connection with my work, which was associated with night duty, and maybe with the characteristics of the nervous system, I have a condition that we call insomnia.
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The Mild Steel Duct

High quality MS ducts are used for making the mild-steel that is of good quality.  The carbon strength of the steel may vary from 0.16 to 0.29% of carbon, and hence, it is neither ductile nor brittle. The mild steel ducts are often used in kitchen exhausts as they have fire-resistance property, which is further improved by the spray coats having fire ratings.

Stainless Steel Ducts

These ducts are commonly used by the manufacturing companies for their production processes that are often quite voluminous and industrial in nature. Stainless steel ducts have the same strength and rigidity as the galvanized-iron ducts have though they have more sleek design and better resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum ducting

The aluminum ducts are often used to clad the exposed parts of the spiral or the rectangular ducts. The aluminum ducts are quite lightweight and resistant to corrosion. They are used in the clean rooms of industrial films, and swimming pools among other areas and are manufactured and modified to gain suitable forms by the GI duct manufacturers.

As we can see, different kinds of installation and usability conditions require different kinds of ducts. The reputed ductwork manufacturing companies can provide you the best ductwork for your HVAC and building, when you seek their recommendation.

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