What Are The Types Of Air Conditioning Ducts?

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Why are Air Conditioning Ducts important?

Ducts enable the movement of good air in a room and of the returning air out of it. Thus they help in maintaining the freshness in a venue. Therefore, the quality of ducts is a very important consideration while considering HVAC units.

Ducts can be made from various kind of raw materials depending on the usage and place of installation. Some types are:

  • Spiral ducts are made with high-quality GI sheets.Leading manufacturers of steel provide the high-grade steel for ducts. They are strong and aesthetically appealing.
  • Mild steel ducts are highly fire-resistant that can be enhanced by spray coats having fire ratings.
  • Stainless steel ducts are more resistant to corrosion and sleeker than galvanized iron ducts. Though they exhibit similar strength and rigidity as the GI ducts.
  • Aluminum ducts can be used to cover exposed parts of spiral or rectangular ducts. They are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, can be used in rooms and swimming pools, and can be modified as per requirement.

Ducts can be rigid, flexible or combination type. Rigid ducts are easy to install and great for homes. Rigid ducts can be either round or rectangular. Flexible ductwork comes in a wide range that can work well in residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

The Bin Dasmal Group is one of the recognized companies in the UAE dealing in HVAC Ductwork. KAD Air Conditioning and Delta Duct Air Conditioning are leading AC duct manufacturers in the UAE and are part of Bin Dasmal Group.

KAD Air Conditioning is ISO certified and specializes in Ducting and is one of the best duct manufacturers in the UAE. The range of ducting equipment by KAD includes volume control dampers, access doors, louvers, UL classified fire dampers coated and non-coated fire rated ducts

Delta Duct Air Conditioning focuses on the manufacture and supply of fire rated AC duct coating and ducting accessories like Slide on flanges, flexible ducts, duct connectors rubber gaskets, foam gaskets etc.

Our companies ensure their products are quality certified as per internally accepted standards, are durable, efficient, and meet the needs of the clients.

As ducts are such an important part of an HVAC system, they should be purchased from the best AC ductwork manufacturers and distributors in the UAE.


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