What causes oil loss in a compressor?

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Positive displacement oil pumps are used in many refrigeration compressors that are maintained nowadays to assist lubricate the interior compressor parts. Most positive oil pump compressors also contain a control that monitors oil pressure and functions as a safety mechanism whenever the oil pressure drops below a certain threshold.

Any compressor leak, no matter how small or significant, is a serious issue. Any compressor with an oil leak will not only suffer damage but will also endanger the environment, which will lower productivity. If you have a leak of any kind, you may learn about all the major compressor problems in this post. You can also discover potential fixes to stop and lessen leaks.

Below are a few points as significant causes of compressor oil leakage:

  1. Material quality
    Among the most important elements that can cause a compressor leak is a material. However, most manufacturers focus on outward ergonomic qualities rather than excellent inner build quality, which is considerably more important because the latter is much more prone to leaks and splintering.
  2. Rushed installation
    One of the main causes of compressor leaks may also be an extremely hurried installation. Most of the time, it is not securely sealed and paired. The incorrect approaches can also result in an incomplete pairing, which allows air or oil to leak from the compressor unit.
  3. Wear and tear
    Industries are subjected to the roughest environment, which frequently results in punctures and broken seals. Therefore, keep an eye on the compressor’s components frequently to prevent leakage.
  4. Clean/change the filters
    The compressor’s filter is directly impacted by oil leaks, which contaminate the finished goods. Filters are also crucial to the compressor’s operation. Therefore, it is essential to repair the filters to address the leaks. You can also purchase a new filter or clean the appropriate filter to accomplish this, both of which serve to boost output and prevent contamination.
  5. Add reliability
    It is advised that you avoid using the compressor for an extended period in order to maximize its efficiency following the leak. You will experience downtime and lose effective productivity if you do this. Simply stopping the compressor at regular periods will increase its dependability and stop leaks.

It requires some effort to prevent oil leaks inside the air compressor. It necessitates a protracted, ongoing maintenance strategy. The employees’ work and training are also important in this process. You forced yourself to psychologically prepare for these situations because an oil leak or any other type of leak in the compressor is a sudden occurrence. Additionally, customers are advised to accurately check their compressors once a week. This will undoubtedly reduce the danger of a leak.

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