Why are GI Ducts Considered the Best Air Ducts in the Industry?

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The use of air conditioning systems is very common nowadays. Clients from each and every sector are highly demanding air conditioning systems according to their demand. In order to enhance the performance of air conditioning systems, the air ducts are highly preferred, especially the GI ducts.

Leading Dealer of GI Ducts in UAE

The GI ducts are very reliable and offer a great strength. Thus there is a good demand for these ducts in the growing Middle East market. Due to high demands, a number of manufacturing companies are involved with GI ducts. Bin Dasmal Group is one of the leading dealers of GI duct manufacturers in UAE .

Since a long time, it has been handling the sales and supply of GI ducts and has grabbed a market share in the air conditioning industry. It understood the benefits of GI ducts for efficient air conditioning systems and according to that started dealing with the clients in the UAE.

In order to fulfill all the requirements of the clients, KAD Air Conditioning, a part of Bin Dasmal Group deals with both aluminum and stainless steel GI ducts. GI ducts from both the materials offer a high amount of strength. KAD Air Conditioning uses the latest cutting edge technology in order to maintain the ducts and its necessary components.

The dedicated team of Bin Dasmal Group highly values the investment of the clients and thus, designs the best quality ducts with appropriate standards. Generally, the costs of these ducts are pretty affordable as these are mainly maintained by the galvanization process. Again, these ducts are very durable in nature as these can last up to 50 or more years.

Some Attractive Features of GI Ducts:

As compared to other air ducts in the industry, GI ducts are considered as the toughest. These are designed with unique and innovative techniques. All throughout the duct, there is beading at every 300 mm. These beadings provide the necessary strength and toughness to the ducts.

Apart from all these features, the most attractive feature of GI ducts is, it requires literally zero maintenance. This is the main reason, why clients highly GI ducts for their ducting system. Also, a good insulation is maintained within the GI ducts, which helps in saving some energy.

Thus, it will be a great decision to grab the GI ducts of KAD Air Conditioning, a part of Bin Dasmal Group. All the products of Bin Dasmal Group are tested and inspected as per international standards. Thus proper occupational safety is ensured. Again, Bin Dasmal Group ensures GI ducts at most reasonable prices.

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