Why BIM can Assist MEP Maintenance in Qatar

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BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a technology that allows everyone involved in a construction project to analyze its needs before construction even commences. This works because of the development of a highly detailed 3D model that allows one to deeply analyze and perform simulations of the building project.

BIM technology is incredibly helpful for any contractors performing MEP maintenance in Qatar, as it can predetermine the MEP needs of the project and sufficiently prepare for it. Through stringent analysis of the spaces and restrictions, MEP maintenance personnel can prepare for equipment requirements that run from generic pipes and ducts to specific equipment. This helps not just MEP supervisors, but also designers, contractors, and everyone involved in the smooth running of the project.

BIM technology does not help only in the planning phase of a building project but continues to show its usefulness well after the project’s construction has been completed. It allows those involved in the project to plan ahead for scheduled events, or even renovation projects. For example, if the building contractors decide that / decides to they want to change their water heating system to something more expensive and efficient years after the construction has been completed, allowances need to be made (eg: space) in advance to be able to carry out this change later on. This can be difficult to prepare for without a visual cue, which is where the BIM 3D model will come in, offering a comprehensive and detailed view of all existing systems and spaces.

The bottom line is that BIM technology is fast becoming main stream and offers a host of advantages to the MEP industry in the Middle East, including the advantage of accurate and decisive planning.

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