Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

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Everyone spends the majority of their day indoors, and by indoor, it is not meant that in their residence. Their workplaces or other establishments like shopping malls, hospitals and so on also fall under the word ‘indoor’. So, it is obvious that the air quality needs to be healthy and technically safe to breathe. Indoor Air Quality is a standard to measure the same.

The indoor air pollutants

  • Biological components: These include animal and insect feces or bio detritus, pollen, animal hair, and sometimes mould because of excessive moisture on the walls.
  • Chemical components: All the harmful gases floating out there including industry-emitted Carbon Monoxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, sulphur mixed in air and VOC – all of the fall under the chemical components. Back drafting of HVAC units and other combustion appliances often lead to CO emission into the indoor air according to duct manufacturing companies in UAE.
  • Airborne dust particles from nearby construction sites or they can also be emitted by the furniture in the room.

Necessity of maintaining indoor air quality

All the air pollutants mentioned above are health hazards of varying degrees and dimensions – but they are toxic nevertheless.

Biological wastes and animal remain not only spread virus and bacteria within indoors, but the smell and odour are also kind of intolerable.

Gases like CO can easily be tagged as fatal on continued exposure; on smaller amounts, they cause headaches, nausea and a significant amount of weakness. NOx and sulphur are responsible for inflammations in eyes, lungs and respiratory system. Along with that, second-hand smoke and automobile fumes can cause even more significant problems.

The pollen and dirt and dust particles are largely responsible for allergies, rashes and in some cases asthma and other breathing problems.

Unless indoor air quality is maintained, the place is vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and other critical symptoms. Other than protection from diseases, good air quality also promotes a better standard of living and makes the room an overall hygienic place.

The best way to control the situation is to hit it at the source; here the source mainly being the leaking in of outside air because of poor ventilation. KAD Air Conditioning is among the top duct manufacturing companies in UAE, operating under the huge conglomerate of Bin Dasmal Group. They specialize in the proper duct system and maintenance of ventilation which helps in regulating the airflow to help fight the problems.  Bin Dasmal Group is known to supply best quality air ducts through its subsidiary KAD Air Conditioning which is considered as one of the best duct manufacturing companies in UAE.


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