Your Guide To Buying AC Ducts

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Ductwork is the essential element of any HVAC system. Though they are hidden behind the walls or ceiling, their significance adds a lot to the efficiency of your air conditioning system. A well designed ductwork ensures equal distribution of good volume of air into the premises. Thus, it is important to select the A/C ducts manufacturers and suppliers carefully.

These days, you can find HVAC systems equipped with rigid, flexible or combination type ductwork.

Rigid Ducts:

Ideal for home HVAC systems, rigid ducts are easy to install as you can avail sections of ducting that can be joined together.

There are two types of rigid ductwork, round and rectangular. We make sure to offer an extensive range procured from reliable A/C ducts manufacturers like KAD Air Conditioning. These rectangular ducts are made from galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum material. You can get MS ducts for its fire resistant characteristics or you can also invest in stainless steel ducts for its corrosion resistant properties. The offered stainless steel ducts are manufactured with compliance to NFPA, BS and ASHRE standards and become the ideal choice for ducting systems with utmost hygiene requirements. Besides, we can provide aluminum ducts that are compliant with ASTM B209, BS.EN485, BS.EN515, BS.EN573 standards and serve the purpose of ductwork at swimming pools and clean rooms.

Flexible Ducts:

With technological advancements, a wide range of flexible ducts has been introduced that is suitable for varied environments. Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional buildings the flexible ducts procured by our company are second to none in terms of energy efficient performance and robust quality standards.

The flexible ducts offered by us are procured from recognized A/C ducts manufacturers in the industry that fulfill the challenging requirements of providing efficient air delivery without any leakage. The foil faced insulation is a relatively inexpensive ducting solution and can be ordered in a continuous section that can be cut to length when needed.

On behalf of our esteemed clientele, Bin Dasmal Group implements the vigilant approach to procure a robust range of AC ducts and accessories from industry recognized entities such as KAD Air Conditioning and Delta Duct Air Conditioning. The ducting equipments and accessories offered by us are manufactured and tested as per UL listed certification and ADC certification.

If you want in-depth information about our thermal resistant and highly efficient ductworks then get in touch with our specialists or go through our product range to pick the most viable ducting option for your HVAC system.

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