Bin Dasmal Group: Serving High Quality Lifting Equipment to Every Manufacturing Needs

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Are you planning to install a new set of lifting equipment in your industrial premises and looking for lifting equipment suppliers whom you can trust upon? Here is Bin Dasmal Group assist you!

Leading Lifting Equipment Supplier

Bin Dasmal Group is one of the most leading and renowned lifting equipment suppliers of UAE, who deals with a range of lifting products, for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The lifting products, supplied and distributed by Bin Dasmal Group are designed to cater a range of industries including manufacturing and construction with the help of its subsidiary Dutest. If you are wondering about reasons which will motivate you to consider buying lifting tools from Bin Dasmal Group, here are some good reasons which may help you out.

Reasons to opt for Bin Dasmal Group’s Lifting Products

1. Whenever it comes to installing new lifting equipment in your manufacturing or construction business, Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group is the only firm in UAE to be trusted completely. It not only provides high-quality lifting tools but also takes care of specific requirements of customers.

2. Be it a block and tackle or vacuum lifts or rotating screws, hoists, gantries, or cranes or even slings, Bin Dasmal Group’s broad product line-up has encompassed everything. Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group has been catering to the global industry with its excellent and all-inclusive services since more than decades and now has gained a strengthened an international footprint in the market.

3. With its uncompromising quality-controlled manufacturing and supplying facility, its in-house testing provision, and its unyielding commitment towards quality, Bin Dasmal Group has been able to serve always the best to the market with the help of Dutest.

4. Being a customer-centred company, Bin Dasmal Group always ensures clients complete safety, superiority, and dependability which are three most central pillars for ensuring a high level of success to the firm.

5. All of the lifting tools, manufactured and supplied by Bin Dasmal Group are designed with the intention to meet and exceed the industry standard. Moreover, it also provides lifting gears and products tailored to meet each of clients’ lifting needs – right from the component assembly and handling to shipping and hoisting.

Bottom Line

From helping you to make your lifting operations convenient and safer to make it more efficient and productive, the lifting gears provided by Bin Dasmal Group can serve loads of benefits to you. After conducting extensive research and development, Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group creates the safety-ensuring and productivity-enhancing features for its complete product line of cranes, slings, and other lifting equipment so that clients can get the best.

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