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Overview: While using the lifting equipment, ensure that you are using the equipment appropriately and by following the right arrangements according to the rules. Always keep in mind the manufacturer’s set of guidelines and rules in order to use the lifting equipment and without any impediment or hassle. The lifting equipment supplier should provide solutions that meet the specific needs of their customers and also some alternatives. The suppliers should know more than one way to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Dutest is one of the leading lifting equipment suppliers in UAE which employ purpose-driven design and engineering.

  • Great customer service: A superior customer service is the first priority in a business. A supplier with great customer service will lessen the burden on your side and seek prompt actions to resolve any problems that may arise.
  • Equipment should be in good condition: A good supplier delivers material in good condition and provides guarantee of the same. A supplier should always use best quality material to make high quality equipment.
  • Delivers on time: Getting the deliveries on time when it’s required is very important. It is also important in determining how efficiently you carry out the operation. This means you need the supplier to bring the material not earlier than planned because you may have storage issues and even lack the manpower to handle it especially when you are using subcontractors for specific work.
  • Supplier provides equipment for handling material when unloading: A good supplier should find out the kind of project you are setting up and establish any assistance you may need in handling of the material including the equipment. When equipment is supplied and the unloading collaborates then you save time, prevent accidents and know that supplier considers about your project.

Dutest, a part of Bin Dasmal Group provides a wide range of lifting accessories and safety equipment such as:

  • Wire Rope Slings and Fittings
  • Chain Slings and Fittings
  • Webbing and Round Slings
  • Shackles
  • General Lifting Gears

All products from Dutest are manufactured and supplied according to international standards. Dutest is an authorized distributor for Crosby, Gripton, Modulift, Dillon and other international brands. We provide quality services to our customers and are considered as one of the leading lifting equipment suppliers in UAE.


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