Improve the Thermal Efficiency of Your HVAC System?

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Mechanical heating and cooling can be seen in almost all modern buildings. In order to ensure peak performance of your HVAC system, you must know which HVAC equipment should be used to reduce the energy use. Bin Dasmal General Trading, a part of Bin Dasmal Group is a leading distributor in the UAE offering best quality equipment manufactured by internationally recognized HVAC brands. With the help of our extensive range of equipment and accessories for HVAC systems, you can surely save a lot of money on the energy consumption in your building.

Compressors: A vast range of efficient and reliable compressors is available on the market that is suitable for all types of buildings. Compressors are important to get the right pressure and temperature in an HVAC system. A compressor is the biggest energy-consuming HVAC equipment. Therefore, you should make the purchase decision carefully. There are lots of brands claiming to offer the cost effective heat transfer process, and we make sure to pick the best product for you.


Another equipment that can make or break your expectations for energy efficiency is the HVAC condenser. Involved in heat transfer process, the role of a condenser is to condense the incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid. There are some latest models of condensers in the market that can be used with any type of compressors; you can pick from our diverse range of condensers that are reliable, extremely productive, and cost effective.

Piping System:

You may have heard about PVC, PPR and CPVC piping systems. These piping systems are used as the most important HVAC equipment to save a lot on utility bills. In order to condition large commercial facilities, it is essential to specify the piping material in the HVAC system. We are well versed with all the commercial standards for piping in HVAC systems and bring forth an extensive range of highly durable and robust quality pipes that are suitable for hydronic chilled and heating water mechanisms in HVAC systems.

Apart from the above-mentioned HVAC equipment, we have quality products such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, thermal insulation and copper pipes for creating energy efficient air conditioning systems.You can go through our range to find out how to make the most energy efficient systems for your building.

Additionally, periodic maintenance also leaves a greater impact on the energy efficiency. Try to invest in expert assistance to make sure that your system is running appropriately and eliminating all kinds of problems that result in increased energy consumption.

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